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Birmingham is rich in history, which gives you plenty of things to do and activities. If you are looking to take a vacation this year but need to do so on a budget then you might want to consider taking a staycation in Birmingham this year. Vacation closer to home and save a bundle while having just as much fun! Follow along and get tips and suggestions on what to do and how to save even more money. Save with ticket bundles, activity and attraction packages, coupons, and more! Plus, get suggestions on day trips as well. This includes trips within 2 hours or about 100 miles from the city of Birmingham. You might be surprised at what all there is to do in Birmingham. One thing's for sure, there is enough to do to spend an entire staycation at home!

2014 Warehouse 31 Coupon

2014 October 27

Be forewarned, the monsters are very hungry at Warehouse 31. This haunted house attraction is open every night from 6:30 pm to midnight up until Saturday, November 1st. Warehouse 31 is intense and frightening. It’s located within a 30,000 square foot warehouse on Lee Street in Pelham. Attractions there include Rigamortis, which feature 50 scenes of terror and mayhem, a 3D experience, and a Monsters Midway theater where you can take in a classic horror movie. You can purchase tickets for each of the attractions or you can save a little extra money if you purchase your tickets as combo packs. You can also upgrade to the fast passes which will get you right past the lines for more scares without the wait.

 Get 50% Off Combo Tickets for Warehouse 31

Now you can upgrade to the VIP ticket as well for a little more. Your VIP ticket will give you a free beverage, VIP parking, access to the VIP area, and $2 off Warehouse 31 merchandise. If you do not have a VIP ticket you will have to pay for parking, which is $5 per vehicle. There’s also a group discount offered for groups of 13 or more people. At last check you’ll save $2 per person with the group discount rate. You just have to make your reservations well in advance in order to get the group discount. Finally, don’t forget to sign up for their email newsletter or follow Warehouse 31 on Facebook for the latest news and promotional information.

You can purchase your Warehouse 31 tickets ahead of time through their online website. Once you complete your purchase you can then pick up your tickets at the will call window at the warehouse. You don’t save any money this way versus the walk up cost but at least you save some time by not having to wait in line there.